Andrews practices at LG and LT

Newly-acquired G Shawn Andrews took the majority of his limited snaps at left guard and did see a couple of snaps at left tackle as well in his first practice in almost a year.

Even though Andrews was a right guard while with the Eagles, he is left-handed and feels comfortable on the left side.

Andrews did have a moment during an individual one-on-one drill when DT Chris Canty blew by him with a nice swim move.

But Tom Coughlin was encouraged by what he saw.

“I like what he did,” the head coach said. “The coaches have met with him Friday, Saturday, Sunday, so he’s starting to be spoon-fed the offense, which is foreign to him, so he’s got to do some analogies and some comparisons just to put the thing together. But he’s been working at it so hopefully it’ll come quickly.”

Coughlin said the team will wait and see whether Andrews can learn the offense quickly enough to play against Baltimore on Saturday.

Andrews hopes to show everyone that he can still play and has the desire to play again after it was questioned by some in Philadelphia when he said he was suffering from clinical depression during training camp in 2008. Andrews played just two games that season before missing the rest of the year and all of 2009 with a back injury.

“It’s funny, because even the people that I develop pretty good relationships with in the media in Philly, they’re like, ‘Oh, Shawn’s a G-man now so let’s ride the wave of ‘He didn’t want to play’ or ‘he stole money,’” Andrews said. “How did I steal money from the Eagles organization? It’s not like I had a gun to their heads and said ‘Hey, keep me here’, you know? I had a back injury, I had depression. Those are things from the past. Everybody has trials in life, and all the people that point fingers, they have something going on as well. I just pray for them. That’s what I do.”