Rolle says he and Collinsworth are "cool"

There's no bad blood between Antrel Rolle and Cris Collinsworth.

After a verbal spat between the two earlier this season, following Collinsworth's critical comments about the safety's play against the Cowboys, the Giants safety talked to the NBC announcer at practice on Friday and said that the two are "cool."

"It's no hard feelings in this league," Rolle said. "And sometimes, people want to take things and put spin on it and whatever the case may be but there's no hard feelings."

In the Giants' 37-34 win over the Cowboys on Dec. 11, the Giants secondary had some huge defensive breakdowns, including a 50-yard touchdown pass to Dez Bryant on a play in which there was no Giants defender in sight. On that play, Collinsworth called the Giants' coverage amateurish and said Rolle was "barbecued."

Rolle later called out announcers without mentioning Collinsworth, saying that they should not be calling out players without knowing all the details. He claimed that he was in the right spot on that play, although cornerback Corey Webster said that he was in the right spot as well.

"There is no one without any sin on our defense and there are going to be times where I do mess up and where I have messed up," Rolle said at the time. "But unless you know what you are saying, then don't say it."

The NBC announcer later told the Daily News that he would apologize to the Giants' defensive back if it could be proven that his comments about the play and the coverage were incorrect.

"Believe me, if I'm dead flat-out wrong, if it ends up Antrel was right and he was completely blame-free on the play, and I will say that," Collinsworth told the newspaper. "But the answer can't be [that] everybody's right. I'm not putting that on TV."

Rolle, at the time, wasn't in the mood for an apology.

"I don't care what he thinks. I don't need his apology. His apology means nothing to me and neither was I looking for an apology," Rolle said earlier this year. "I made my statement, I stand by my statement, my statement is very, very accurate and that's three weeks ago and it doesn't matter at this point. We moved on from that and it is what it is."

On Friday, the defensive back did not have anything negative or dismissive to say about Collinsworth and the comments that were made. Collinsworth will be one of the announcers in the Super Bowl, which is being broadcasted on NBC.

"Collinsworth and I, we've always gotten along," Rolle said. "Same thing with brothers and sisters. If you're having a disagreement, that doesn't mean you fallout forever. We didn't have a falling out, just a disagreement and I said what he said and he said what he said and it's over. We're both men, we can take it."