Webster believes he's top corner in NFL

Move over Darrelle Revis.

As Giants cornerback Corey Webster prepares for his second Super Bowl, he proclaimed on Friday that he believes he's the top cornerback in the NFL. The cornerback made his claim after he was asked if it's hard to get attention with Revis in town and if him and fellow cornerback Aaron Ross like flying under the radar.

"It doesn't matter to me, it's not up to us. I think we keep on doing the job, keep on doing what the coaches ask of you, I think the attention will finally come," Webster said. "I think I'm great. I think I'm the best thing out there, I don't think I'm second to nobody. I think Ross feels the same way. My whole secondary feels like that. We don't have to talk about it. Just keep on going out there and getting better and better each week and that will help us be the type of player we want to be."

While most experts would say that Revis, the Jets' All-Pro corner, is the top cornerback in the NFL right now, Webster is confident in his abilities heading into one of the biggest games of his career. Recently, the cornerback has been playing some of his best football of the season.

Over the last five games, he and the rest of the secondary have held some of the league's top receivers in check, including Dez Bryant, Greg Jennings and Roddy White. Webster's play has been a big part of that as he's provided excellent coverage on the outside.

When one reporter told him that several of his teammates believe that he is the most underrated corner in the league and people don't realize he's as good as he is, Webster knew of one person who did.

"I realize it. That's all that counts to me," Webster said. "As long as my teammates (believe that), that's all that matters."

He added: "It makes me feel great that my teammates feel like that."

For Webster, returning to the Super Bowl will be a trip back to when he started to make a name for himself as a cornerback. He was removed as the starter during the 2007 season before eventually returning back to the starting lineup down the stretch. He played excellent in the playoffs, including a great performance against Randy Moss in the Super Bowl.

Four years later, he'll be back out on the field, along with Ross, trying to shut down the Patriots once again and try to win his second ring in four years.

"The learning experience coming with being in and winning the first Super Bowl, just like being in the national championship game in college, a lot of people haven't played in those big games," Webster said of the growth of him and Ross since the previous Super Bowl. "I think the more and more games you play like that, the more and more experience and more calm you get. I think we used that game to help us with this game. We've been there before and done it and I think everything is going to roll smooth for us this weekend."