Tuck and Branch talk Union of the Snake

Perhaps Justin Tuck watches “Animal Planet” or plenty of “National Geographic.”

When talking about the importance of the Giants' pass rush getting to the quarterback, Tuck likens it to cutting off the head of a snake. Get to Tom Brady and the Patriots offense will be headless.

“Look at ’07 … that was pretty much the reason why we were in the game, because we kept him off rhythm,” Tuck said when asked about the Giants’ chances of winning depending on the defensive line. “Obviously he is the main reason why [the Patriots] are successful … him and [Bill] Belichick, those minds together."

"The way to kill the snake is take off his head," Tuck continued. "The way to kill an offense as potent as that one is making sure you take care of Brady. Our defensive front will put a lot of pressure on itself to make sure that we do our best to get after him.”

Tuck didn’t call Brady a snake or anything like that. But, of course, the whole cutting the head off a snake analogy made its way to New England.

“If that’s the analogy they’re taking, then that’s what it is,” wide receiver Deion Branch said. “We have to protect our guy, protect the snake. That’s Justin; he’s a great player. We truly respect that guy, respect what he’s done for his team.”

When asked again about a snake dying if its head is cut off, Branch replied, “I know the snake is dead if you cut his head off. A real snake. Tom ain’t a snake though. Tom’s not a snake.”

Of course, Tuck never said that. Tuck is no snake charmer or snake expert. But he and the Giants' pass rush do know a thing or two about being quarterback charmers and getting in a quarterback's head.

“I think Brady makes it difficult to get to him,” Tuck said. “We feel as though we can play with just about any line in the country given the time. He did a great job of getting the ball out of his hand the first time we played him. When he didn’t, we hit him.”

“I think that’s going to be paramount in this football game and re-route their receivers and try to confuse him a little bit,” he said. “That goes back to that game of chess I talked about earlier, but we’re ready to give our rush a little bit more time to get after him.”