Giants say they aren't cocky

INDIANAPOLIS -- A day after telling Giants fans to get ready for a parade, defensive tackle Chris Canty wasn't backing away from the statement.

"I said, 'Get ready for a parade on Tuesday,'" Canty said. "Honestly, it's just one of those things where we're a confident football team. Obviously, the Patriots were confident by some of the comments some of their team members made earlier this week before arriving here in Indianapolis. They have a right to be confident. They're a hard-working group. They've earned the right to play in this football game. But so have we."

Brandon Jacobs had no problem with any of his teammates' comments about the Giants winning on Sunday.

"This team is confident and not overconfident," Jacobs said. "Cocky is nowhere near the equation. We shouldn't have gotten on the buses if we weren't confident. If a guy isn't confident, they should kick him off and send him back to Jersey."