Bed check: Who's that Cruz?

INDIANAPOLIS -- Still buzzing over Madonna doing Victor Cruz's salsa.

Here's your Material Girl-edition of bed check:

NEWS OF THE DAY: Jason Pierre-Paul says Tom Brady isn't God and follows that up by saying that the Giants had him reacting to phantom pressure. Basically, JPP is saying the Giants got into Brady's head, which made me think of The Cranberries' "Zombie" all day long.

"In your head, in your head,

Zombie, zombie, zombie,"

Anyways, in other Giants news, running back Ahmad Bradshaw went through a limited practice for the second straight day. This is significant because Bradshaw typically takes the first two days of practice off to rest his foot. Also, Eli Manning was sharp according to pool reporter Peter King of Sports Illustrated.

LORDS OF THE RINGS: Here's a story on the Giants with Super Bowl rings and how their influence could play a big role on Sunday.

INTO THE CRUZ: Madonna met with the press to talk about her halftime act for Super Bowl XLVI. At the end, she was asked about Cruz's salsa and she busted out an impromptu salsa of her own. Which of course, got me thinking of cheesy Madonna/Cruz lines I could come up with. Some of you sent me suggestions via Twitter. Here are some of them. The Umenyiora ones crack me up!

@MikeGarafolo: "Coughlin Don't Preach" and "Into the Cruz."

@ShapDeisel: "Lucky Carr"

@DragonSoul: "True Blue -- How the Pats will feel on Sunday."

@metsfanscott: "Madonna has Peyton Manning's hit song This Used To Be My Playground"

@bronx_bombers00: "Like a Manning"

@scottkessler: "Crazy for Umenyiora"

@mikeytri: "Diehl Another Day"

@US_VeteranGiant: 'Who's That Trel?"

@j_lukes jlukes: "Don't Cry for Me Umenyiora"

@birdinthecity: "Bye Bye Brady"