Countdown: The three safeties and five keys

It's finally game day. So you got time to kill before kickoff.

Here's your Super Bowl countdown. We're going to give you some stories to read about the Giants before Super Bowl XLVI. At the top of every hour until 6 pm, there will be a blog posted with a link to another Giants story that came during this Super Bowl run that you might've missed either on a Giants player or an angle that could factor into tonight's game. So check back every hour. First up:

THE AK-47S AND THE GODFATHER: Apparently, you can never have enough safeties. Here's the thought process behind the three-safety look, why the Giants use it so much and how Deon Grant overcame a rough childhood to get to this point and his calming influence over the locker room.

Also, five keys to today's game. Tell me below in the comment's section what you think are the five keys to Giants-Patriots!