Jacobs: 'We decapitated them'

The Patriots didn’t just lose Super Bowl XLVI.

According to Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, they lost their heads too.

“We decapitated them,” Jacobs told ESPN's Rachel Nichols after rushing for 37 yards in the Giants’ 21-17 victory and picking up his second championship ring.

“They can’t wear that crown anymore.”

Jacobs had complained about his role during the season, and said in late October that he didn’t foresee himself staying with the Giants. He will be a free agent in the offseason.

Now he’s changed, his tune, though. Jacobs told SNY after the game that he’d love to stay and hopes things can be worked out.

“It feels great [to win the Super Bowl],” Jacobs said. “Fighting on this team all year long, and persevering through the worst a football team can go through. To go 9-7 and get to this point and win a Super Bowl is special.”