Tuck has two sacks again in Super Bowl

All Justin Tuck could do on on the final play of the game was watch.

"I was about at the 50-yard line and the ball seemed like it was in the air for four years," the defensive end said after the game on ESPN. "I'm so glad to see that ball hit the ground. … It was up for a while and you never know how those things are going to turn out. You play a great game collectively and it's just a bounce of the ball with that thing."

That bounce would hit the ground and give Tuck his second title in four years. The defensive end once again had a stellar game in the Super Bowl, recording two sacks, including a big sack on the final drive. The defensive end recorded both of the Giants sacks in their 21-17 win.

"It feels awesome, man," Tuck said. "All glory goes to God for putting us together as a team. Another Giants team win. I had a pretty good game individually but the secondary did a great job of playing the coverage that we called and giving us time up front to go to work and we just continued to play together and when you have 11 guys that go out there and play as one, you're going to be tough to beat."

After a rough season for Tuck that involved injuries and a down season for him, as he had just five sacks during the regular season, he turned it on at the end of the year. In the biggest game of the season on Sunday, Tuck was looking like himself with his pair of sacks and plenty of other pressure on Brady in the game. He forced the safety on New England's first drive that gave the Giants a 2-0 lead which they quickly boosted to 9-0.

Tuck's effort was part of a Giants defense that kept New England's high-powered offense to just 17 points in the game and did not allow the Patriots to score over the final 26:20. While the Giants pass rush took some time to get going, it turned on in the fourth quarter and was able to keep New England from making plays down the field. Tuck also had two sacks in the Super Bowl four years ago.

"We knew that (Tom Brady) was going to a number on trying to get the ball out, trying to hit his guys on some slants, some quick digs, things like that and not allowing our rush to get to him but we didn't feel like they could beat us this way," Tuck said. "We just continue to be persistent, continue to be patient. Coach (Robert) Nunn does a great job of getting us prepared and his favorite thing to say is to go out there and put the bat on the ball, not try to hit home runs there. You just keep chipping at that rock, it's going to break after a while and basically it was. It was our game plan coming into it."

Sunday, Tuck and the Giants executed that game plan well. And they won their second ring in four years for their efforts. Tuck didn't want to talk dynasty, though. He'll just enjoy this win.

"That's for you guys," Tuck said. "We don't really care about that. Hopefully we continue to win those things. That's for you guys."