Guaranteed delivery: Giants back up talk

INDIANAPOLIS -- The New York Giants did a lot of talking in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.

Antrel Rolle said the team was going to win Super Bowl XLVI. Chris Canty told fans to prepare for a parade and Jason Pierre-Paul said Tom Brady isn't God and alluded to the fact that the Giants were in his head in their November meeting.

And they backed up all the talk by beating Brady and Bill Belichick with a 21-17 win on Sunday. Now the world champs can talk as much as they want to.

"If you have been through what we have been through and came from where we have come from, it wasn’t overconfidence," Osi Umenyiora said if he was worried if the team was a tad overconfident entering the Super Bowl. "We just knew what we had done and what we had come through and we were playing with the house’s money. We had nothing to lose. What were we going to lose by talking?"

A source said the team discussed in its Saturday night meeting how they felt they were the better team in the Super Bowl. Tom Coughlin didn't seem to mind his team's confident chatter in the week leading up to the game either.

Canty even predicted a Giants victory on his Twitter account on the day of the game.

"A little something, a little something," Canty said when asked about how he predicted the Giants win and a parade. "This football team was confident. We believed in what we could do even when no one believed in us. We stayed together, we fought, we scraped, we scrapped. Nobody else sees our preparation behind the scenes. This football team worked realy hard in the last two weeks and it showed in our performance and grit at the end of the game."

Now when Rolle talks, he'll have a a ring to back it all up.

"No one can take this away from us, they can say whatever they want to say, they can put us down and say we got lucky and that we won because [Rob] Gronkowski was hurt," Rolle said. "But you know, at the end of the day, we are champions!"