Baas' first season with Giants ends with title

It's safe to say David Baas made the right move signing with the season. In his first year with the squad, after leaving San Francisco, the center won his first ever Super Bowl.

"It's unbelievable, still trying to take it in," Baas said on Tuesday. "It's one of those stories going from a team, you chose to come here, because it's such a good organization and there are no regrets. You beat your old team and win the Super Bowl and today was just unbelievable. It makes you want to do it again."

Baas, the sexiest move the Giants made in free agency this year as GM Jerry Reese would say, struggled during his first year in big blue but ended as a champion. He struggled at times blocking and missed games due to intense headaches and neck injuries, the latter of which sidelined him down the stretch. He signed a five-year deal with Big Blue.

"No, it wasn't (the easiest year). A lot of people had their ups and down and that was the special part of the team, we all stuck together and made something special," Baas said. "That makes it even better."

Baas played effectively in the playoffs as he and the offensive line protected Eli Manning well and the offense rushed the ball as well as it had all season. New England had just three sacks in the Super Bowl but two of them came on the first drive, and he Giants also were able to rush for 114 yards in their win.

The win gave Baas his first ring in seven seasons, which one of his fellow offensive teammates noticed was a special moment for the center.

"Just being around David Baas, I know he really appreciated it," said offensive guard Chris Snee, who won his second ring.

As a first-time champion in New York City, Baas understands know why so many Big Apple athletes say there's nothing like bringing home a title to Broadway.

"The fans are great, when you see the just amount of people that are out supporting us and they are literally climbing in tries trying to get a view," Baas said of the parade up the Canyon of Heroes and the pep rally at MetLife Stadium on Tuesday. "Overflow of support today and you see it in the stadium, just the cheers and try to take it in and enjoy it because it's a special moment. Now you know when people say that's what you're working for, now you understand it. It's something special."