Who's the next Cruz on the roster

At this time last year, the Giants thought they had some promising young players like Victor Cruz and Jake Ballard.

But they couldn’t have predicted the smashing success Cruz had. Now everybody wants to know who will be the next Giant to step up and emerge if given the opportunity.

Coughlin talked about several of his young unproven players at his Combine presser.

“I think there are a lot of young guys,” he said when asked if there are any players he thinks could step up next season. “I think there are a lot of young linebackers that will be exciting to watch. Da’Rel [Scott] was mentioned earlier. Certainly Prince [Amukamara] is a guy that everybody is excited about seeing his development.”

“[Tyler] Sash, for example, the job he did on special teams was incredible,” Coughlin continued. “Can you imagine bringing in a rookie and he is the fullback on a punt team. The number one play in an entire season is your punt team. You do that more than you do anything else. This guy was the personal protector that called the protections. That is a lot of responsibility for a young guy and he did it very, very well. [Jerrel] Jernigan, his development will be very important to us.”

Coughlin was asked specifically about Scott, the speedy running back from Maryland taken in the seventh round last year.

“Well, Da'Rel has shown us the one thing that we knew he had -- outstanding speed, anytime called upon, whether it be kick return on in preseason running a fake punt,” he said. “This has been a good year for him. He's worked hard and was active a great deal of the time, and even when he wasn't, he worked very hard on the scout team and did well with special plays. He showed us things that he can do, and certainly with that year, basically having practiced more than most teams in the league, that's gonna help him as well. So we look forward to continuing his development as we go through the offseason."

Who do you guys think will be the next youngster to emerge? Tell us below.