Coughlin speaks out against bounties

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin has joined Eli Manning in speaking out against bounties to injure other NFL players.

Appearing on Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski's SiriusXM show, Coughlin said there's no place for the bounty scandal that has rocked the New Orleans Saints.

“It’s very, very serious this whole business of the bounty system," Coughlin said. "And players being paid to try to inflict injury on others really has nothing to do with our game. It’s not about trying to inflict purposeful injury on another player. It has no point in this game."

"Our game wouldn’t be anywhere near as popular if these fantastic athletes playing these positions weren’t able to perform at the highest level," Coughlin added. "We all talk about the physical nature of the game and toughness and the fact that you have to be the tougher team and you have to exemplify that with the way that you play. And we all know that it’s a gladiator sport and that’s part of the popularity of it but to take it to an extreme, like has been discussed here with this bounty system, has no place in the game.”