McShay's running back options for Giants

Todd McShay recently gave us some best player available candidates for the Giants at 32.

He discussed Nebraska's Lavonte David as an option and some offensive linemen as well. While the Giants pretty much draft best player available instead of need, McShay did talk about some running back options if the Giants wanted to go running back somewhere in the first two rounds to find a replacement for Brandon Jacobs.

"Looking at running back, I don’t think necessarily any of those second-tier running backs after Trent Richardson is worth drafting [in the first round]," the ESPN draft analyst said. "But if they have one that they believe in more than the other, they will have the pick of the litter at 32."

The top running backs expected to be drafted after Richardson include Boise State's Doug Martin, Miami's Lamar Miller, Virginia Tech's David Wilson and Oregon's Lamichael James. Many mock drafts have those running backs going somewhere in the second round.

"I think there are three guys that you look at: Lamar Miller from Miami a speedster guy who can one cut and go," McShay said. "David Wilson from Virginia Tech, who is another guy with acceleration and hits the hole hard but the vision and patience not quite there... not great in the passing game but can improve. And Doug Martin, probably the most complete of the second-tier backs, but not as explosive as the other two. Those would be some of the guys at running back that are possibilities at 32 for the Giants."

When do you guys think the Giants should draft a running back if they do so at all? And who would you draft? Tell us below.