Giants flip for Wilson

Newest Giants running back David Wilson posted a video on YouTube.com a few days ago showing off his acrobatic skills.

He does 21 -- count them yourself -- back flips in the video. The last time the Giants took a renowned acrobat who did more than a dozen back flips, they did incredibly well with Jason Pierre-Paul.

Jerry Reese says Wilson was the second highest-ranked running back on the Giants' board after Alabama's Trent Richardson. In taking Wilson at 32, the Giants also passed on the likes of Georgia tackle Cordy Glenn, Alabama defensive end Courtney Upshaw and Georgia Tech wide receiver Stephen Hill among others.

The Giants like Wilson's all-around production (he had 2,253 all-purpose yards last season), big-play ability (he had runs of 51, 68 and 57 yards long in the last three seasons) and his ability to return kickoffs (1,324 kickoff return yards with two return touchdowns in three years at Virginia Tech).

"This young man was attractive to us for many reasons," coach Tom Coughlin said. "Obviously his speed: You have a 4.4 running back. You have a guy who's the ACC Player of the Year, 1,700 yards rushing, kickoff returns for a career over a 1,000 yards, caught the ball out of the backfield.

"Needs some work in some of the other areas -- pass protection and that kind of thing, as do a lot of these young guys. And also the question comes up about ball security and we'll remind him of that right away."

Wilson did fumble the ball seven times, losing four of them last year. But Coughlin has been pretty good at helping running backs fix that problem.

"He's the kind of guy that we felt would add very much to our present situation in terms of the big play potential," Coughlin said. "He's one of the guys that has the speed and maneuverability to make the big play and that's what was very important to us at this time."

"We're looking at the fact that Brandon [Jacobs] is no longer here and we do have to try to balance that out," Coughlin added. "We believe that you do have to have multiple runners or at least two that can effectively take the field at any time, and this young man we thought was one of those that can be a big play threat."