Hosley ready to repay Giants' trust

Jayron Hosley regrets failing a drug test at the scouting combine in February and says all that is behind him as he embarks on his pro career with the New York Giants.

"I definitely regret it," said Hosley, 21. "But it's something that's in the past and behind me. I'm working toward bettering myself and not letting something like this happen again ever. They trusted me and I'm thankful for that and I want to make this a worthy decision."

Hosley, a third-round pick, believes he is a great fit with his new team. He agreed with Jerry Reese's comparison to Adam "Pacman" Jones' skills on the field.

"Pacman Jones is a tremendous player, minus the off-field stuff," Hosley said. "But he's a tremendous player. When you watch him on film he's very sound in his technique. He's aggressive, a smaller guy like me. I kind of favor that. I think that’s a good comparison. I like to compare myself to Asante Samuel, Pacman, Brandon Flowers. But I think that’s a very good comparison."

Hosley is excited to continue playing with Virginia Tech teammate and college roommate, David Wilson. Hosley told reporters that the Giants' first-round pick is quick enough to chase rabbits.

"You probably heard 'em all," Hosley said of stories about the personable Wilson. "David chasing rabbits, just catching a rabbit off campus. Just a wild guy. You never know what to expect coming from David, man. He's just a guy that has a lot of energy, always running around. He's definitely a fun person."

When asked what Wilson did once he caught a rabbit, Hosley said, "He just touched it."

"He just wanted to see if he could touch it cause you know the rabbit's very quick," he added. "He just touched it and that's basically it."