Osi tweets about his future health

Osi Umenyiora recently joined Twitter and so far he has given followers a glimpse of his honest and candid opinions.

On Tuesday morning, Umenyiora defended Kurt Warner, who recently expressed concern about his sons playing football and the dangers that the sport presents physically.

"By the Way, Kurt Warner is Right to think how he is thinking about his kids and football," Umenyiora tweeted.

Osi Umenyiora

Osi Umenyiora

#72 DE
New York Giants

2011 STATS

  • Tot25
  • Solo16
  • Ast9
  • FF2
  • Sack9.0
  • Int0

Then in another tweet, Umenyiora talked about what his health could be like in the future after having surgeries on his hip and knee.

"Its an awesome game and has done a lot for me, but i know when im 45 there is a strong chance il be in a wheelchair," Umenyiora tweeted. "If i can avoid that for my son, i will. But if he wants to play i wont stop him."

Later in the afternoon in an appearance on ESPN's Outside The Lines, Umenyiora said he was exaggerating about the "wheelchair" comment but is serious about the risks that come with playing in the NFL.

"Obviously that was an exaggeration on my part or at least I hope so," Umenyiora said when asked about the "wheelchair" tweet on OTL. "But there is no question that it is a dangerous sport. A lot of us all know the risks and ramifications of what it is that we are doing and we still chose to do it anyway because of the benefits of it and the lifestyle that it affords us to lead and the fact that we get to bond and go out there and play a team sport and do things that we all dreamed of as a kid."

"But there is no question as to the dangers of actually playing football and the things that happen and the long-term health risks of playing."

Former Giant Amani Toomer recently criticized Warner for trying to "trash the game" in an interview with NBC Sports Talk. Umenyiora defended the former Giants quarterback.

"Love Toomer thats my Guy, but he is dead wrong for attacking Kurt like that," the defensive end tweeted.

The safety of players and their long-term health continues to be a major issue after the recent death of Junior Seau and the continued talk about concussions and head injuries potentially leading to serious mental issues such as depression.

Umenyiora has dealt with hip and knee injuries but says he has not suffered any concussions.

"No concussions, thats why i go for the Strip sack," he tweeted.

But he knows he puts himself at risk every time he steps onto the field.

"Obviously you can see that the NFL now has owners who care and we have a Commissioner who cares," Umenyiora said on OTL. "And you see them taking steps to try to eradicate or to lessen the impact of some of these head trauma and the dementia that a lot of us are suffering later on in our life."

"You see them trying to do things to limit that," he added. "But there is really not much you are going to be able to do to eradicate that completely unless you eradicate the game of football and that is not going to happen."