Giants waive safety Jones, sign Hill

The Giants have waived safety Chad Jones after the former third-round pick suffered a minor setback and failed a physical in his comeback attempt.

Jerry Reese says the team will continue to stick by Jones during his rehab as the Giants have done throughout Jones’ ordeal ever since he nearly lost his leg in a car accident in June of 2010.

Jones was hoping to make it back onto the football field during this summer’s training camp after nearly losing his left leg and foot in a car accident shortly after being drafted by the Giants.

In a statement released by the team, Rocky Arceneaux, Jones’ agent, said the former third-round pick “is experiencing a minor setback and we expect a full recovery within a few months.”

Jones had been rehabbing and doing conditioning with the team but had not been cleared for football activities. The Giants, who have stuck with Jones throughout the accident and multiple surgeries on his leg and foot, will continue to support Jones.

“We consider Chad to be part of the Giants family, and we'll continue to work with him in his rehab,” Reese said in a statement. “As we've said since his accident, we're thankful he is alive and able to lead a normal life.”

Jones has undergone more than a dozen surgeries and has a metal rod through his shin, with two screws near his ankle and two screws under his kneecap. He nearly died in a car accident on June 25, 2010 but doctors scrambled to save Jones' foot and leg during 10 hours of surgery.

He spent the last two seasons vigorously rehabbing while on the reserve/non-football injury. He had to learn how to walk again before he could start jogging and then running.

“Chad had a severe injury to his left leg, involving a complex tibial fracture with associated injury to muscle, nerves, and vascular structures,” said Dr. Scott Rodeo, a Giants associate team physician. “This type of injury is often limb threatening, and can sometimes require amputation.”

“He has made a remarkable recovery to date,” Rodeo continued. “However, at this time he has residual sensory loss, muscle weakness, and tenuous soft tissue coverage in the involved lower leg. The resultant functional impairment precludes his ability to perform physically at the level required for professional football.”

In the meantime, the Giants have added another safety who is a bit of a work in progress. They signed former Florida safety Will Hill along with Southeast Louisiana wide receiver Brandon Collins and Georgia State linebacker Jake Muasau from last weekend’s rookie camp.

Hill, who starred at St. Peter’s Prep in Jersey City, is a gifted 6-1 safety who has been surrounded by some controversy. He was undrafted last year after leaving Florida following his junior season as teams shied away from him in part because of off-the-field issues reportedly involving marijuana use and alleged controversial tweets on his Twitter account. He also has been arrested for driving with a suspended license.

“When I was in college, I was the No. 1 athlete coming out and then going straight to a team that won the national championship, that had the possibility to win another one, it was just rock star status basically,” Hill said last weekend at rookie camp. “My head got big and I did let my gifts get away and start acting like a fool, basically. So I did waste my talent in some aspects.”

“It’s been a hard time, many nights crying, many night just wondering, ‘When is this going to happen?’” he continued. “But people were like, ‘Look, you’re a good athlete. Just work on being a better person.’ And that’s something I needed to do. I needed to calm down and sit down, and that’s what I did.”

The 5-11 Collins transferred to Southeastern Louisiana after playing two seasons at Texas. He was dismissed from Texas after being reportedly charged with aggravated robbery and engaging in organized criminal activity. The felony robbery charges against Collins and two others were later dropped according to reports.

The 6-1, 245-pound Muasau is a hybrid linebacker/defensive end who played wide receiver and defensive back at Buena High School in Arizona before becoming Georgia State’s defensive MVP the past two years.