Possible preview of championship ring

The New York Giants will receive their Super Bowl rings on Wednesday night at Tiffany & Co., complete with "blue carpet" treatment.

Punter Steve Weatherford may have given us a preview of the Giants' new bling. Weatherford tweeted this photo which shows three angles of a design for a Giants' Super Bowl ring.

There is a description underneath the design that reads: "New York Giants Championship Ring. 14K white gold 30MM ring with surrounding diamonds, sapphire band and diamond footballs. 'New York Giants 2011 World Champions' wording surrounds the ring. Total carat weight 1.36 in diamonds and 1.11 in sapphires."

Justin Tuck, though, said the picture tweeted by Weatherford is not what the Giants' ring will look like. Although it is entirely possible Tuck was joking and messing around with reporters who interviewed him Tuesday night at SUBWAY event screening the new movie "Battleship."

"I’ve seen that before… but it doesn’t look like that," Tuck said when shown the picture Weatherford tweeted. "You want to know why? Because you all got the wrong picture. I told you all that is the wrong picture. That is not our ring. You will find out tomorrow."

Tell us below what you think if this is indeed the ring of the world champions.