Jacobs, Mario try to set tone in SF

The New York Giants' ring ceremony on Wednesday night at Tiffany & Co. included several former Giants.

Oakland defensive end Dave Tollefson, Chicago wide receiver Devin Thomas, Redskins linebacker Jonathan Goff and unsigned free agents like tackle Kareem McKenzie, defensive tackle Rocky Bernard and safeties Deon Grant and Derrick Martin attended the celebration.

Afterward, Justin Tuck said the Giants' goal now is to be a dynasty.

Three former Giants who were not able to attend were Brandon Jacobs, Mario Manningham and Aaron Ross, who is now in Jacksonville. Jacobs and Manningham are now with San Francisco and, according to the 49ers' website, (check out Jacobs in his new threads), the two former Giants remained on the West Coast to work with their new teammates.

Jacobs' wife, Kim, went to the ring ceremony in his place.

"I decided not to partake in getting the ring," Jacobs said on the 49ers' team website. "I think my goal here is pretty clear on what I'm trying to achieve as an individual player and as a team."

Jacobs said he will return to the East Coast once this week's work with the Niners concludes. Good friend Ahmad Bradshaw said he was looking forward to seeing Jacobs again.

But Jacobs said it was important for him to remain with his new teammates to help set a tone for the season.

"I think winning a championship is important. Not many people have one and not many people have had a chance to play in a Super Bowl," Jacobs said. "I respect that, but right now, I'm working towards the same goal with a new team."

"I want to be with my teammates as much as I can, learn about them as much as I can, get to know my coaches and get in some championship work," Jacobs added.

Jacobs has joined a crowded backfield led by Frank Gore. But he hopes to show that he still has plenty left in the tank.

And Jacobs and Manningham are looking forward to their new start with the Niners.

"I talk to Mario every day," Jacobs said. "We love being here. The work is something special. I'm glad I'm here with Mario and vice versa. It's a special thing. This football team, this coaching staff and this whole organization is great. I'm happy to be a part of it and just ready to go."

"I have a lot of things I want to accomplish before it gets real," Jacobs added. "I have to be around here and not miss anything and soak it up. I want to be here to take advantage of my opportunity."