Osi and Giants make peace

So the Osi Umenyiora contract saga is over.

Well, it certainly sounds as if it is over for this year, at least.

While the Giants announced that Umenyiora has agreed to a restructured contract on Friday, the team did not release the terms of the new deal. According to three sources, the Giants sweetened the pot for Umenyiora for this season, and the defensive end can still potentially be a free agent next season. Hopefully we'll find out more in the coming days.

Remember, prior to this restructured deal, Umenyiora was entering the final year of a seven-year contract worth $3.975 million this coming season. Two sources said Umenyiora had been discussing with the Giants a bump to $7.5 million this season and that he would still become a free agent next season.

This would certainly seem to be the best resolution for both parties, if that is the case. The Giants manage to keep one of their most valuable players happy for their title defense, and keep their pass rush of Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul and Umenyiora intact. Also, they should get all-out effort from Umenyiora, who will now play for a new contract this year, either with the Giants or a future employer.

Umenyiora will be a happy camper at training camp, as opposed to being an upset holdout. He gets a pay raise that he is satisfied with, and he hopes to cash in on one final big contract next year.

Bottom line? Umenyiora appears to be happy, and that is better than dealing with Mount Osi. Tell us what you think of the Osi news below.