Canty: Eli more clutch than Romo

Chris Canty made the rounds on ESPN on Tuesday and the defensive tackle was asked to do his best job of comparing some of his current Giants teammates to his former Cowboys teammates while on ESPN New York 98.7 FM.

Listen to the complete interview:

Play DownloadHe was asked on "The Michael Kay Show" who is better between Jason Pierre-Paul and DeMarcus Ware. And while on the Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco Show, Canty was asked what makes Eli Manning a better quarterback than Tony Romo.

“I believe it's Eli’s ability to elevate his game in pressure situations,” Canty said. “Tony Romo is a terrific quarterback, you can’t take that away from him. Statistically he is a top-five quarterback even though a lot of people might not realize it.”

“But Eli’s ability to elevate his game and the play of all the guys around him in the most crucial situation of a football game I believe is the difference and that is what makes him a championship quarterback.”

When asked if Manning is more clutch than Romo, Canty replied without hesitation, “absolutely.”

“It speaks for itself,” Canty said of Manning’s results. “He set the record for fourth-quarter touchdown passes.”

Canty said he is baffled that Manning was ranked 31st overall in the NFL Network’s top 100 list.

“He was disrespected on the NFL top 100,” Canty said. “I just don’t understand that. He told everybody before the season that he was an elite quarterback, nobody believed him. He only goes out and wins his second Super Bowl title and second Super Bowl MVP.”

“For goodness sake, just look at the resume,” Canty continued. “He is an elite quarterback, an elite football player and I think it is time that people recognize that.”