Coughlin comes to Sash's defense

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Tom Coughlin isn't thrilled that Tyler Sash will have to serve a four-game suspension.

But he was more upset with the system than his safety, who was suspended for violating the league's PED policy.

"I feel very badly about that for the player," Coughlin said. "This kid really had no intention of doing anything illegal. I know what the definition of the rule is and understand all about that and been there myself when you have had to ask yourself (what's legal) ... sometimes you think maybe common sense needs to be involved in this."

Coughlin said "common sense" should be exercised when it comes to suspending players regarding the PED policy, based on each case.

"There is no issue with this guy," Coughlin said. "He doesn’t need any watchdog over him. Ignorance is not an excuse for the law, I understand. But if he knows what is expected, he does it."

Sash explained that he took Adderall under a doctor's care to battle anxiety he felt about doing public speaking in the offseason.

Sash is the team's third safety, and plays a pivotal role on special teams as well.

"I feel bad for the kid," Coughlin said. "He is a heart and soul football player. He takes everything he has and puts it into the game and loves to play. We used him in a very, very important role last year as a rookie -- fullback on the punt team for example."

Sash appealed the decision, but was denied. Running back Andre Brown has also taken Adderall, to combat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. He was suspended for four games for violation of the PED policy, but appealed and won due to a misunderstanding over paperwork for his prescription.

"I think everybody’s situation is a little different so I can’t really compare myself to Andre," Sash said. "I just put something in my body that I had a prescription from my doctor for. But I am a professional and I need to handle myself in a professional manner, meaning I need to know all the rules."