Bradshaw advises Wilson to hold back

ALBANY, N.Y. -- David Wilson has certainly shown how shifty he is with a lot of cutting, stopping and juking in camp.

But Ahmad Bradshaw thinks Wilson has been trying to do too much and can actually get better with fewer of the stopping-on-a-dime moves.

WilsonWilson"He's doing great," Bradshaw said. "He's still young. He kind of does his own thing -- juking and doing a lot of different things, putting a lot of torque on his ankles and knees. So we're trying to teach him how to be a professional and hold back on some of those things. I'm just trying to bring him along with the information we learn and just different things how we learned it as rookies and coming up as young guys."

Wilson can often be seen moving in one direction before stopping suddenly and turning. Sometimes, Wilson's sudden change of direction looks scary, because of the impact on his knees and the possibility of an injury.

"Coming in, I had Brandon (Jacobs) and Derrick Ward, who also taught me the same things," Bradshaw said of his rookie season. "I'm just trying to feed that information to our rookie.

"He's quicker than most, so you don't know when to stop him and you don't know when to tell him to keep going. He's so fast, but all I can do is just help him in different situations. You approach him during the game and in practice also, just trying to lengthen his career."

Bradshaw has had several surgeries on his ankles and feet during his career, due to his bow-legged motion when running. But he also cuts hard and puts a lot of wear and tear on his feet and ankles.

"When I was young, I came in and I was spinning a lot, doing a lot of different things that he does," Bradshaw said. "Just with the fresh legs, you feel good and you want to show your talents out there. But everybody knows he's fast and he can make moves. It's just the way he does it, and there are times when it's not even needed."