O'Hara ankle flares

The soreness in Shaun O'Hara's left achilles and ankle was back today, and the Giants took him out before the end of practice at the team's East Rutherford facility.

"He had a reoccurrence of the injury and they felt it was better to just back him off," head coach Tom Coughlin said.

The veteran center experienced pain and tendonitis during training camp, and O'Hara had a hard cast placed over the the leg for about a week in late August to try to give it some rest before the start of the regular season. The hope was that the cast would alleviate the discomfort, but that hasn't happened.

"I was sore after the game," said O'Hara before receiving treatment for the injury after practice. "Some days it has a mind of its own and today it wasn't real happy."

The center said he wasn't concerned that he wouldn't be able to play this week when the Giants face the Colts in Indianapolis -- or at any other point this season. He's said that if it's just pain and swelling then he's prepared to handle it.

"The tough thing is that rest is the only thing that seems to do anything for it and I don't plan on getting any rest until February," O'Hara said.