Giants' running backs eager to face Colts' D

Last week the Colts got torn up by the Texans’ running game for 257 yards. Running back Arian Foster alone had 231 of those. So does this mean that Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs need to start shining their cleats?

“With that happening last week, it just makes us more hungry,” Bradshaw said.

That said, you can bet that no one is studying the flaws in the Colts’ run defense as hard as they are, and Bradshaw, who had 76 yards on 20 carries last week against the Panthers, said the Giants can’t just try to mimic the Texans and come out with a win.

“I’m sure they’re working on stopping the run this week and it might be even tougher for us this week than it was last week,” Bradshaw said. “You’ve just got to fight through.”

The Giants have some work to do on their own running game. Between Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs, the team averaged under a yard a carry in the first half. Jacobs finished with 44 yards on 12 carries.

“Last week we started off bad and ended up better,” Bradshaw said. “We’ve just got to keep fighting. Every game different defenses throw different schemes at us and I’m sure they’re working on throwing a different scheme at us to try to stop us.”

One thing that may work in the Giants favor is that they have two backs with different styles, but who are versatile enough to mix it up sometimes. Offensive coordinator Kevin Gillbride talked about the flip play he dialed up for Jacobs in the second half against the Panthers.

“I took a deep breath and called it,” Gilbride said. “I said ‘We usually do it with Ahmad, let’s with Brandon’ and we loaded up with a tight end on the wing on the other side, and he showed enough speed to run away from the end. It was a great play.”

Jacobs said that he expects the Colts to come out just as hard as the Giants -- even if quarterbacks Eli and Peyton Manning are brothers. No team wants to start the 0-2 after being the AFC champion.

“This is the National Football League and we know that they’re going to come out and make some adjustments,” Jacobs said. “They’re a good football team; they represented the AFC in the Super Bowl last year. You can’t go out there sleeping on them and think that they’re just going to lay down again and let you have your way with them. We expect them to go in there and have a tough fight and expect to go downhill and be physical. After a week like that, we know they’re going to concentrate more on the run than they probably ever did.”