Rogers awaiting clearance to play again

Defensive tackle Shaun Rogers said he is feeling fine and that he still hopes to play this season after suffering what was initially thought to be a season-ending blood clot during training camp.

"I’m alright," Rogers said as he spoke to reporters for the first time since suffering the blood clot nearly two weeks ago. "We did a little bit more due diligence and got a little bit better prognosis. Hopefully there is some room left in there to get out there. We’re still in the process of making that decision."

Head coach Tom Coughlin said last week "there's a ray of hope" that Rogers can play again this season. Coughlin said Rogers could take a different medicine following a second opinion after it was initially believed that the medicine he would originally use to treat the blood clot would prevent him from playing again this season.

"From what I understand, yeah, you don’t do too well playing on a thinner, or a thing of that nature," Rogers said. "That’s really the issue, I guess."

Rogers was leg-whipped during a practice in camp but played in the preseason opener against Jacksonville. On the plane ride back from Florida, Rogers believes the flight made his condition worsen.

"We assume that that played a part in the situation," he said.

Rogers hopes he can get a second chance to play again this season.

"Anytime you go to the doctor and they tell you your season is over, you’re disappointed," Rogers said of the initial diagnosis. "But like I said, we did further due diligence, we came up with a better prognosis, and hopefully that will be the situation."