LeGrand to participate in Sunday's coin toss

The New York Giants have asked Eric LeGrand to participate in Sunday's coin toss before their game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

LeGrand -- the former Rutgers player who was paralyzed during a game against Army in 2010 at MetLife Stadium -- is an honorary member of the Buccaneers, who are coached by his former college coach, Greg Schiano.

LeGrand told USA Today that he will try to find the spot where he was injured on the field on a kickoff return.

"I don't even know which 25-yard line I got hurt on, because it looks like a big circle to me. It all looks the same," he told USA Today. "Every time I go there, I try to figure out which one I went down on, and I cannot figure out which one it is. And I'm trying. Hopefully, I can figure it out this time or someone can tell me which one."

LeGrand, who will attend the game with his mother, has become an inspirational figure. He has made some progress and has had twitches and contractions throughout his body since his injury. He also has formed a friendship with Giants defensive end Justin Tuck.

"The Giants were very gracious," said IMG's Sandy Montag, LeGrand's adviser. "This is a good thing for everybody, it's an emotional thing, it's the field he was injured on, he is a New Jersey native."

"He's really excited and happy about it," Montag added.

Schiano said LeGrand's mother, Karen, has not been back to MetLife Stadium since the injury. Schiano has been back as a spectator, but this will be his first time coaching in the stadium since LeGrand's injury.

"This week, I know the Giants have helped out, and the Giants have provided a place for he and his family to watch the game, which I think is awesome of them," the Tampa coach said on a conference call with reporters. "Just that he can be there and watch with all the familiarity with both teams and all that. It's just a good New Jersey thing, and a good thing overall for football."

And if LeGrand is able to find the spot where he was injured, he'll know exactly what to do.

"I might have to do a few doughnuts in my wheelchair around the spot," LeGrand told USA Tody. "And have fun."