A look back: Coughlin the day after

Tom Coughlin didn't offer much in detail about his injured Giants other than David Diehl has an MCL injury.

But the head coach did touch on a few other subjects. He liked what he saw from his offensive line and how Will Beatty and Sean Locklear responded after Diehl went down.

"Our pass protection held up very well most of the day," said Coughlin's, whose team did not give up a sack against Tampa Bay. "Eli [Manning] bailed us out a few times on his ability to maneuver a little bit, get the ball out quick, so when Will came in, I thought that was continuous.

"Sean moved over to the right side and we were able to continue to play at a high level with our pass protection," Coughlin continued. "Our runs occasionally were spotty, but I thought we got some things done with that as well. I'm sure there's some rust there for Beatty, but I think it was a good experience to get him back in there. He played probably more than we anticipated, but seemed to respond well."

Halftime rally: Trailing 24-13 at the break, Coughlin said he did not wait until the end of halftime to address his team after adjustments were made. He brought the team together as soon as they walked into the locker room.

"I was really impressed by our people," Coughlin said. "I didn't wait for the end of the halftime because I wanted to make sure that everybody understood that we were two scores down and we had overcome this before, and the chanting and the little chirping from the players all indicated that they felt that way.

"It's not like we hadn't been here before and that type of thing and I liked the way they responded, even though the turnovers put us in really bad shape," he added.

Rush grade: So far through two games, Jason Pierre-Paul is the only Giants defensive end with a sack. The Giants do have a total of four sacks, but the other three have come from Linval Joseph, Rocky Bernard and Chase Blackburn.

"I think that we did get some pressure," Coughlin said. "We did play hard. A lot of what they did was very quick, which ... whether it was five-step or three-step, they did a nice job chipping and keeping people in and then they did a pretty good job when we only rushed four.

"But I thought at the end of the game we were still coming hard," Coughlin continued. "And the play at the end on Jason's continuous attack on the quarterback is what created the opportunity for us to have that interception late in the game, forcing the quarterback to release the ball without being totally set or before he really wanted to. I take from that guys are humming and trying. Sometimes you're getting home more than others, but the playing hard and the trying to get there was all a part of it."

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