Giants react to Monday night controversy

NFL fans are up in arms, many of them outraged about the replacement referees and how they handled the final play of Monday night's game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks.

(In case you missed it, Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate was awarded a game-winning touchdown, when it appeared the ball was actually intercepted by Packers safety M.D. Jennings.)

The fans aren't the only ones worked up about this. We'll be compiling reactions from Giants players over the course of the day -- keep clicking back here for the latest updates.


(Appearing on ESPN's "Mike & Mike In The Morning" -- click here to listen to the podcast.)

• On the final play: "Obviously I felt like it was the wrong call, but the refs -- we hated it, we wished it wouldn’t come down to something like this with the replacement refs, but unfortunately it has, and it cost Green Bay the game."

• On whether he'd have claimed he caught the ball, if he was Golden Tate: "Probably not. I would have been honest. The video shows that I obviously didn’t catch the football, so I wouldn’t have owned up to catching it if I didn’t catch it."

• On whether defensive players have been more physical this season, with replacement referees working the games: "Yes, 100 percent. I feel like the defenders -- and I would do the same thing. If they’re seeing that some of the refs aren’t calling some of these downfield holding calls or pass interference or whatever the case may be, I would use that to my advantage."


(Appearing on WFAN)

• On the final play: "I think they made the wrong call. After watching the review, I think it was obvious that the guy from Green Bay came down with the ball. I just think that it was the wrong call."

• On whether play has been more physical, with replacement referees working the games: "I wouldn’t say no and I wouldn’t say yes. I think last night ... Golden Tate, he pushed Sam Shields down. He completely pushed him down. I don’t see how that was missed. Maybe guys are pushing the envelope a little bit. Even if it’s not intentional, I think they’re definitely getting away with a lot more, on both sides of the ball."

• On how he would feel Tuesday, if he was Jennings: "Honestly, I would be very, very upset. To think that you can be the one to (lead) your team to a victory, and knowing that you came down with that ball, I would be upset. I definitely wouldn’t be a happy camper, I’ll tell you that much. It would probably stick with me for a while. Probably have me second-guessing myself -- was there something I could have done differently, did I not do enough? But at the end of the day, he did do enough to make it clear that it was an interception."


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• On the Monday night game, and the final play: "It's a circus out there, man. I guess you've got to roll with the punches."


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• On the Monday night game, and the final play: "It’s unfortunate. It looked like an interception to me, but the referees saw something different. And then they called what they saw. You can blame the referees, or you can say that if Green Bay was a better team, they wouldn’t have been in that position in the first place. Everyone wants to blame this person and that person for a loss. Sometimes you just have to accept a loss for what it is, a loss."

• On if he is playing any differently, with the replacement referees in charge: "Not at all. My game doesn’t change at all. We just go out there and play. I’m not really thining about the officials to be completely honest with you. Guys are trying to knock my head off, all types of things are going on out there, so the officials don’t really cross my mind."