Wilson breaks out

PHILADELPHIA -- If you ask David Wilson, the coaches called it.

All week, Wilson said, the Giants' coaches were telling him that he'd break a big run or two against the Eagles.

Turns out, they were 100 percent right.

Wilson exploded for 217 yards on six returns in the Giants' 19-17 loss to Philadelphia.

He broke a 53-yard return in the third quarter that he nearly returned for a touchdown.

"At first, it's exciting," Wilson said of nearly breaking a touchdown run. "Then it starts to get aggravating to get close so many times. ... All those felt like they could go back. They were just that close."

Wilson nearly broke another in the second gave the Giants great field position for most of the evening.

The rookie had another rough day at running back, though, as he was unable to handle a pitch from Eli Manning in the first quarter.

He didn't have any touches as a running back after that mishap. It felt like a replay from Week 1, where Wilson didn't see the field after a first-quarter fumble against the Cowboys.

It seems more and more as if Wilson will need time to develop into the type of runner who can contribute in an NFL backfield. He has just eight yards on six carries through four weeks.

On special teams, Wilson looks like a player to watch. He averaged 36.2 yards per return.

"I just used my ability to get through the hole that the team created," Wilson said.

Wilson's been strong as a returner for the first three weeks. But Sunday was undoubtedly his breakout performance.

He said the Giants coaches predicted earlier in the week that he'd dominate against the Eagles.

"They've been feeling it all week so I just went in and tried to make that philosophy true," he said.