Bennett shows guts, returning from injury

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- It was sometime in the first quarter when Giants tight end Martellus Bennett hyperextended his left knee on the turf at MetLife Stadium. The Giants hadn’t completed their comeback yet, and Bennett knew if there was any way he could stay on the field, he would.

“I think to be an elite player in this league, especially a tight end, you have to play through injuries and go out there for your team,” Bennett said. “So I was able to bounce back -- fortunately enough it wasn’t too bad where I couldn’t bounce back.

“A lot of pain throughout the whole game but I was able to do some things for us.”

Bennett said he isn’t sure about the extent of the injury yet, although he didn’t receive any extensive treatment after the game, even making plans for dinner after the game. Any swelling overnight would indicate a more serious injury. “Once I wake up in the morning I’ll know,” Bennett said.

When Bennett did return to the game, he was still rubbing his knee, as the guys on the offensive line patted him on the back for getting back out there. Running back Ahmad Bradshaw, who was on his way to 200 rushing yards, needed his tight end blocking well.

“When I came in the huddle I was rubbing my knee -- (Bradshaw) just started rubbing it for me like, ‘You going to be all right? You going to be all right?’” Bennett said, laughing. “I’m like, 'All right man, this is looking kind of weird right now.'”

But it ended well. Bennett was able to block for Bradshaw’s 200-yard day, the second time the tight end has done that. The first time was in Dallas with running back DeMarco Murray, but Bennett said Bradshaw is a better running back.

Bennett said his blocking was better, but the tight end still caught three passes for 30 yards as well. He was targeted four times. He said he was glad to come back into a game that turned out to be a solid win, and a career day for one of his best friends on the team in Bradshaw.

“It’s easy to play when you’ve got those type of guys around you,” Bennett said.