Cruz performs the salsa, times three

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- When Victor Cruz was in high school, he scored five touchdowns in a game. The Giants wide receiver joked that he is still mad at his coach for taking him out of the game after his fifth.

On Sunday in a 41-27 win over the visiting Browns, Cruz got a little closer to that record, but will have to settle for establishing an NFL career-best with three touchdowns. It definitely goes on Cruz’s list of top football achievements.

“It goes pretty high, it goes pretty high,” Cruz said. “I was just happy to be out there and be somebody that (quarterback Eli Manning) can count on. I was able to come through with some big plays today so it felt good.”

Cruz had two games last season in which he scored two touchdowns each.

“With three touchdowns he did a great job,” Manning said. “Teams are trying to take him away some by double-teaming him and doing some different things, but he finds a way to get open. He has a great feel for what teams are trying to do, so he adjusts his route and runs it differently to get open.”

Better yet, the Giants came from behind to win after being down 14-0 to the winless Browns.

“I thought it ended perfectly,” Cruz said. “If you ask me, I think we came out after a rough start and we executed and understood exactly how to attack their defense and we came through and played well.”

At least with the Giants, Cruz is in no danger of being taken out the game.