Stock Watch: Gangnam Style up

DALLAS -- Before the Giants and Cowboys renew acquaintances, let’s take a look at the Stock Watch and which Giants are streaking and slumping heading into this NFC East rematch.

In honor of Tony Romo, this week’s musical selection is from Jessica Simpson (for streaking) and Carrie Underwood (for slumping).

“IRRESISTIBLE” (Streaking)

The Rocket Scientist: DeAngelo Hall may not be giving credit to Eli Manning, but there’s nothing quite like a 77-yard game-winning salsa. Manning struggled during most of last week's game against the Redskins, but he finished it with a Jordanesque game-winning shot down the field.

Gangnam Style: Are you down with Gangnam Style? JPP is. Jason Pierre-Paul celebrated his sack against the Redskins and a forced fumble on Robert Griffin III by doing the Gangnam Style dance from the international hit by Korean pop star Psy.

Honorable mention goes to the Justin Tuck bow, which made its season debut against the Redskins. The Thai population was getting restless, but Tuck finally delivered in Week 7. Will there be another bow in Dallas?

The middle linebacker: Chase Blackburn forced two fumbles last week, including the game-sealing fumble on Moss at the end of the game. He has recorded 10 tackles twice in the past four games, plus an interception.


Ahmad Bradshaw’s emotion: Stock Watch is a big fan of Bradshaw’s emotion, and believes it is something the Giants need every week.

But against the Redskins, Bradshaw got a tad too emotional and took it out on Tom Coughlin during a sideline outburst, which saw Coughlin yelling back at his running back. And Bradshaw also slapped Victor Cruz upside the head on his helmet when he got a little upset with Cruz’s blocking.

Again, the Giants will need Bradshaw’s emotion 98 percent of the time, and they did end up with a win when all was said and done. But if it was a loss, this issue probably would have been blown up even more.

Secondary allowing big plays: Santana Moss scored twice on the Giants last week, once on a short screen and another time that could have been the game-winner on Jayron Hosley, from a perfect pass from RG3.

The Giants have given up seven passing plays of 26 yards or more for touchdowns this season.

The run defense: The Giants surrendered 248 yards on the ground to the Redskins, and could not stop Alfred Morris at times. If Morris was a more explosive back, the Giants would have given up a lot more yards.

Three times this season, the Giants have allowed 140 or more rushing yards to opponents. One of those teams was the Cowboys, who rushed for 143 yards in the regular season opener.

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