Wilson on pass protection: Let me try

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- David Wilson's pass protection came under fire last week from Giants offensive coaches, but the rookie isn't sure how the team would be able to come to such conclusions.

"They say those statements, but I haven't been put in the situation to see if I can pick up a blitz," Wilson said. "I don't know if it's from my college film or what that comes from. I'm just waiting for my opportunity to get out there."

Wilson has just 18 carries for 89 yards on the year, with team personnel saying he doesn't give the team enough as a pass protector.

"They see (the deficiencies). Maybe it's like I'm not firm enough in practice or something. I don't know," Wilson said. "(Running backs coach Jerald Ingram) knows how to evaluate and do his job. That's not my area. I'm the player, he's the coach. I still got leaning to do and growing to do as a player."

While the Giants' running game has struggled at times, the Giants have been reluctant to use Wilson. He fumbled on the second carry of his career, which cost him playing time, but rushed for a combined 79 yards and a touchdown against Cleveland and San Francisco in consecutive weeks in October. He has just three carries for two yards in the four games since.

When Ingram met with reporters Monday, the coach pointed out Wilson's weakness in pass protection while complimenting his speed. The rookie is also the team's kickoff returner.

"Yeah he’s explosive, but at what cost is he explosive?" Ingram said. "Is he explosive at the cost of not being able to protect well, not being able to know his job well enough being a pro? That all has to develop."

Wilson believes he hasn't missed on any blocks in practice since training camp, and said he's not far from the level the team wants him to be as a blocker.

"When you say show us more, do more, you wonder, 'Where?'" Wilson said. "I work hard in practice and do my plays when I'm in."

As he continues to find himself without much work each week, Wilson said the waiting process has made him hungrier.

"Week after week seeing guys go out there and being successful and have fun out there on the field, and you're just watching. You can just imagine how it feels," Wilson said. "Me, having such a high competitive level, that makes it that much harder."