Canty responds to Matthews' claim that Packers beat themselves in playoffs

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews didn't give the Giants any credit for their win over the Packers last year, calling the loss as an example of Green Bay beating itself.

Sunday, the Packers play the Giants for the first time since that playoff contest, and defensive tackle Chris Canty sees it as a chance for Matthews to back up those words.

"A war of words has never won or lost football games," Canty said Wednesday. "As far as his opinion, he'll have a chance to support his claim this coming Sunday."

Ironically enough, Matthews will be doubtful for the game according to Packers coach Mike McCarthy, but his comments will be told over and over as the two teams prep for their primetime game. In August, seven months after the Giants beat the Packers 37-20 en route to the Super Bowl, Matthews was still upset over the Giants knocking the defending champs out of the playoffs.

"We picked the most inopportune time to play our worst ball," Matthews said in an interview with Yahoo! Sports. "The fact is, [the Giants] didn't beat us; we beat ourselves. We need to play our best ball when it counts. This year, I expect us to be right back where we should be."

After Matthews made his comments, Giants defensive end Justin Tuck thanked Mathews for the Packers giving the Giants the game, and said he didn't think the Giants gave the Packers anything.

Wednesday, a few months after the comment, the Giants didn't seem to think too much of it, or care that much about what the linebacker said.

"It doesn't matter to me," Giants safety Kenny Phillips said. "At the end of the day we won a Super Bowl. He can say what he wants to say. You guys saw the game. I'm not sure why he felt that way but it really doesn't matter. As long as we got the W."

Wide receiver Hakeem Nicks said that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and the only thing that matters is that the Giants won the game. Canty called the war of words "irrelevant," and wide receiver Victor Cruz said he didn't care.

"I'm not surprised (about the comments). Guys tend to say crazier things to us about our games," Cruz said. "It didn't surprise me. I just didn't pay any attention to it."