Big plays vs. Green Bay? Cruz hopes so

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The Giants' passing offense might be facing the right defense to get going again.

Wide receiver Victor Cruz acknowledged Wednesday that Green Bay's secondary will make plays but is also susceptible to giving up big plays. The Packers are 21st in the league in passing yards allowed and have surrendered 38 plays of 20-plus yards, the sixth most in the NFL.

"They do a good job of reading through the quarterback, reading through the receivers' routes and making some plays," Cruz said. "And on the other side they do a good job of letting some big plays go by them as well."

Cruz did compliment Green Bay for picking its right spots and having talented defensive backs. The wide receiver said the big plays yielded by Green Bay are perhaps the result of miscommunication. There are a few new faces on the Packers' defense this year as the team invested heavily in defense during the draft.

"I think they’re aggressive in their approach. Some of their defenses that they play give guys the ability to be aggressive, to read things, jump some routes and they do a good job of getting interceptions. It also gives them opportunities to get some throws down the field," Giants quarterback Eli Manning said. "If you can protect, have time to let routes develop, there are some possibilities to get the ball down the field."

To be able to attack down the field, though, the Giants have to find their passing game, which vanished in the weeks leading up to the bye. In the past three games, Manning has not thrown a touchdown pass and has topped 200 yards just once. In the loss against Cincinnati on Nov. 11, Manning's longest pass was for just 16 yards, which was the worst of any game this season.

Cruz hopes the team can rekindle its big play magic.

"We got some pretty good calls dialed up to move the ball whether it be shorter or down the field," Cruz said. "Hopefully we can get that back going a little bit and get back to making some big plays."