Osi not expecting sack party vs. Pack

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Most times when defensive linemen prepare to face the most-sacked quarterback in the league, they're licking their chops, salivating at the opportunity to add some more to their total.

That's not the case for Osi Umenyiora as the Giants prepare to face Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Instead, the defensive is almost resigned to the fact that, despite current trends, the sacks won't be present when the teams face off Sunday night.

"You know how teams play against us. It's not going to be that type of party," Umenyiora said Friday. "For us, we just want to get pressure and see if we can get our hands up whenever they go to that three-step drop because that's what we're expecting."

Osi Umenyiora

Osi Umenyiora

#72 DE
New York Giants

2012 STATS

  • Tot27
  • Solo19
  • Ast8
  • FF1
  • Sack4.0
  • Int0

As the Giants have become perhaps the team most known in the NFL for sacks, understandably teams are taking measures to prevent that from happening. Extra blockers are being kept in, and quick slants and three-step drops are have become favorable ways to attack the Giants. Unless there's a massive breakdown in coverage, it's tough for the Giants to get to the quarterback on three-step drops.

"Everybody goes into the games now knowing that if they're going to win that they have to prevent us from getting to their quarterback and sometimes they do a pretty good job of that," Umenyiora said.

The Giants have 25 sacks through 10 games, which puts them on pace for eight fewer than they had all of last year. They are tied for 13th in the league, and Umenyiora acknowledged that it's a bit frustrating the team isn't producing the same numbers. He did say that pressures and hits are better barometers of how a team rushes the quarterback, and the team can pick it up in those aspects too.

"It can always be more. Always," said Umenyiora, who has four sacks. "I don't think anybody is satisfied. Even guys who have 15, 16 sacks right now, they're not satisfied. They feel there can be more and I think that's the case with us too. We feel like we should be doing more no matter what happens."

The Giants enter Sunday's game looking to go two games up in the division against Dallas and Washington, and also to just get back on the winning track. Umenyiora wants to see how the Giants respond against one of the NFL's premier teams in a nationally televised game.

"I’m anxious to see how we come out and play because I feel like we need to respond to the key games that we’ve lost and we also need to prove that we are still world champions and play like it at some point," Umenyiora said. "Hopefully this will be the game."