Osi explains Big Blue's pass rush

The Giants have collected six sacks in their past four games. But five of those sacks came during their win over the Green Bay Packers; if Osi Umenyiora had not sacked Drew Brees during the Giants' 52-27 victory on Sunday, Big Blue would have finished with no sacks for the third time in four games.

Umenyiora explained on Tuesday what offenses are doing -- and how it has impacted the Giants' pass rush.

"The only way we are going to be able to rush is if we get a lead on a team," Umenyiora said in his weekly spot on The Michael Kay Show on ESPN New York 98.7 FM. "Up until then, all you will see is slide protection, chips and dink and dunk and the quarterback getting the ball out of his hands quick and the play-action passes.

"I think we go into a game knowing we are going to get very few opportunities to actually rush the passer the way we are supposed to," Umenyiora said. "I don't think we are taking advantage of those limited opportunities like we are supposed to. The few opportunities we get to rush, we should definitely take advantage of it."

Justin Tuck recently explained that the Giants often talk about making a quarterback uncomfortable in the pocket and how "keeping the quarterback's feet hot" can be just as effective as sacks and quarterback hits.

Umenyiora said that sometimes it is more effective to rush three and increase coverage.

"Especially against a team like the Saints and their offensive protection scheme," Umenyiora said. "What they were doing with the sliding and chipping and lining up Jimmy Graham to hit you before he goes out.

"Having all four of us in there was a waste of time anyway," Umenyiora added. "We weren't going to get there, period. So Perry (Fewell) was like if they are going to max protect and chip, we are only going to rush three and keep more people in coverage. Once we did that, we had a little more time to get to the quarterback."

I know many of you have been complaining about the Giants' pass rush recently. Tell us below what you want to see the Giants do to increase the rush.