Gilbride on Wilson, Bradshaw and Lumpkin

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Kevin Gilbride was hopeful he would have Ahmad Bradshaw on Sunday against Atlanta.

But Bradshaw has been ruled out for the game. David Wilson is now going to start and Gilbride saw what the first-round pick is capable of doing after rushing for 100 yards and two touchdowns, including a 52-yard touchdown run, last Sunday.

"He made the two good runs that were great to see," Gilbride said. "The one where he kind of lowered his shoulder and ran over a linebacker, which we’ve seen the toughness before and then when he had the opening that was exceptionally well-blocked, to be able to take what would’ve been an eight-to-15-yard gain, and take it to the house, was great to see."

But Gilbride cautioned that the Giants would like to see Wilson do some more things better.

"He’s still got some areas that you guys won’t see that need some significant upgrading," Gilbride said. "So we can keep the entire offense going. It was tremendous to see his dynamism and what he was able to give us in that respect. It was a big lift."

Gilbride was asked whether he wonders where this guy has been all season after seeing what the rookie can do with more touches.

"Again, he’s had chances ... that was the first time he’s done anything," Gilbride said. "That’s where you sometimes overlook those aspects; he has been able to carry, and in fact, until those two runs to the end, he was three runs for three yards. Again, it was great to see him do what he did, both in the special teams and the few times that he ran the ball and we were able to give it to him at the end. He did a terrific job for us so we’re ecstatic."

"He’s just getting better and better," Gilbride later added. "I think his comfort level is growing and he’s making fewer mistakes and his entry decisions in the run-game are giving him a better chance to use the skills he has, which is his toughness and speed."

Gilbride added that he likes what he has seen so far with backup Kregg Lumpkin, who has seen some snaps on passing downs and could continue to do that.

"There’s a desperate need for him to do that and we’ve used him in third-down situations primarily because he’s absorbed the blocking responsibilities pretty well," Gilbride said. "He seems to be physically capable of fulfilling the things that are required at that position. So far, he’s done a reasonably good job."