Mailbag, Part 1: Giants-Pats rematch?

ATLANTA -- Before we get to the big game, here are some questions left over from Thursday's chat.

Patriots Fan (Brooklyn): Ohm, I think the Giants are going back to the SB. But be honest, doesn't this year's Patriots team scare you more? Better defense, and more balance (much improved running game) on offense. Thanks.

OHM: Well, I think if the Giants get into the playoffs –- and I think they will –- there really isn’t a team in the NFC that the Giants can’t beat. San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Green Bay ... I think the Giants can beat all of them. I actually would be worried more if somehow the Giants had to face the Redskins and RGIII.

But with all that said, there’s a really long way to go before we get to the Super Bowl. And there’s no guarantee of another Giants-Pats Super Bowl. The Pats’ road back would be extremely tough in the AFC. And just to entertain your question, if there were a Super Bowl rematch, yes, I think the Pats are better than last year but what I would fear more from a Giants' perspective is the fact that Belichick would get a second crack at the Giants in two consecutive Super Bowls.

Hard seeing the Giants beating Brady and Belichick two straight years and for a third time overall right? But here’s the one factor that always give the Pats major problems against the Giants –- the pass rush. And can we say that the Pats’ O-line has vastly improved this year since last year? I don’t know about that.

Dan (NJ): What do you address first during the draft/free agency? O-line getting old, RB situation, LB's (seems to always be a need), or DB's?

OHM: Dan, are you asking what my opinion is or what I think Jerry Reese will do? Because if you are asking me what I think Jerry will do, then it is best player available regardless of need.

But if you ask me what areas need to address then it is OL, CB, DL, RB, S and LB. Obviously it would be ideal to land a solid offensive lineman in the first round. That would be my first area to address. But would the Giants pass on a talented pass rusher should there be one there with Osi’s future being hazy? What about a solid cornerback if there was one there? Or another safety with Kenny Phillips’ contract coming up?

But all things being equal, offensive line would be my first choice.

Eagles fan needing giant(s) help (South Philly): Thanks for the answer OHM! I am hurting at RB. (now have Bryce Brown and Sproles starting) rolling w/3 WRs's (Mega, Cobb, and Alexander) Brady at QB. Have Wilson on bench w/Wallace, Ballard. Thanks again OHM. 10-team standard.

OHM: Sorry that I didn’t get to this question on Thursday. I am assuming you started Bryce already and would have told you to do that even after seeing what he did ... OK, so, with this being a standard league, I think you go Wilson as second RB over Sproles now with Bradshaw out. Just know that I am still leery of whether the Giants coaches will give him a full load and will trust him completely. I can see Kregg Lumpkin getting third-down duties and maybe Ryan Torain stealing a few touches. But you still probably have to start Wilson over Sproles, as much as I love Sproles.

Your receivers are great. Good luck man! Hope you see this answer!

Kelsey Carthy (Port Hueneme, CA): David Wilson against an Atlanta Falcons rush defense. How's that look in your eyes?

OHM: Well, as I answered above, I think Wilson can do some damage. But I want to see the Giants feed him the ball and give him touches and get him out in space as much as possible. Part of me fears that if he makes a mistake early on or the game starts to slip in favor of the Falcons, the Giants coaching staff might not give Wilson as many touches. Lumpkin could get some third-down duties and steal touches from Wilson.

Last week, Wilson got 13 carries but the game got out of hand and Bradshaw was hurt. Now with no Bradshaw, I’d really like to see Wilson get 12 touches or more knowing that the Giants can sometimes get away from the run.