Mailbag, Part 2: Falcons a threat?

NYGiantsFansSF (Hudson Square (SoHo): Has Perry addressed the Giants inability to defend the slant or deep pass considering the WR threat the Giants will face on Sunday?

OHM: Yeah, he’s kind of been asked about giving up the big play all year long. You have to give up something whenever you are playing talented offenses. But if I am the Giants, I think I can live with Michael Turner and Jacquizz Rodgers running the ball as opposed to seeing Roddy White and Julio Jones do damage. Of course, when you start giving up chunks of running yards, that helps the passing game become more dangerous. So I don’t think the Giants can dare Atlanta to run like they did with Green Bay.

But I think you got to keep a safety over Jones to stop the deep ball and maybe have to give up underneath stuff to White or Tony Gonzalez and hope your defense gets enough stops.

Hammel (Hammington): Why does Eli always [stink] in the regular season, then pull some amazing run and win the SB?

OHM: Hammel, what’s wrong? You don’t like the Giant way? Those 6-2 starts followed by a three-to-four game losing streak and then a late run doesn’t sit well with you? LOL!

Man, just be happy with the two Super Bowls you got in the past five years and be thrilled if they get into the playoffs and make another run and just consider the drama as something that comes with being a Giants fan.

Trust me, there are much worse things than having Eli Manning as your quarterback. Manning has shown twice he can win it all.

AA (Atown): You know that Jacobs was trying to get released to come back to help the injury-riddled backfield. You know this!!

OHM: LOL!!!! And? He’s suspended now. But let me get this straight, so now you guys are starting the Free Jacobs campaign? When so many of you kept telling me for years and in the offseason that he had to go and you guys were tired of big Brandon? Say what you wanna say about Jacobs ... but I always felt that he was a bit underappreciated by fans. The guy took a lot of hits and yeah, he’s not the same punishing runner he was when he was younger. But he was an emotional force on the team.

NYGiantsFansSF (Hudson Square (SoHo): Flaherty, Gilbride or Coughlin talk much about Diehl and his play?

OHM: Not since we were asking them a lot about Diehl when he first replaced Sean Locklear before Locklear got hurt.

Larry M (Athens): Falcons fan here. A lot of Giants fans have been calling into Atlanta sports talk radio this week and are pretty much writing off this week as a win, a fait accompli. The only question is by how much the Giants win. Is that really the attitude?

OHM: I’m sure it is hard for Giants fans to get last season’s 24-2 drubbing of the Falcons out of their heads. They saw their team dominate the Falcons, so they probably don’t believe in the Falcons as much. Even if Atlanta wins this game, the Giants will be confident if they face the Falcons again in the playoffs knowing they can beat the Falcons in a playoff game.

Tony (NYC): Ohm, miss you on SNY's Daily News Live.

OHM: Thanks man! Appreciate it. I miss being on the show and had a great time with all the folks at the Daily News and SNY. It was a lot of fun!