Coordinator notes: Gilbride, Fewell

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride and defensive coordinator Perry Fewell spoke with the media Thursday.

Here are some highlights:


• Gilbride lauded wide receiver Hakeem Nicks -- Nicks isn't having a great season numbers-wise, but he has played through injuries basically all year long.

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• Gilbride was asked if he thinks O-linemen Chris Snee and David Baas will play Sunday -- neither has practiced thus far this week:

"We’re hopeful. I know the toughness of the guys and I know their desire to play. Because of that, I’m expecting them to play."

• Gilbride was asked about the Ravens' defense:

"You see size up front. They’re very powerful, big, difficult to move, displace. It’s hard to get a consistent running game. They’ve had some injuries with their linebackers, so I’m sure they’re feeling inconsistent, but we see the ability level.

"You couple that with: they’re one of those teams that’s going to make it difficult to get in a rhythm because they pressure so much. They’re going to be willing to gamble and take chances and sometimes it’s hard to get a consistent movement package going. But what you hope is that there’s going to be some chances for some big plays and you capitalize on them when they’re available."


• The Giants had 18 missed tackles against the Falcons last week. Fewell was asked about that:

"We didn’t tackle well. You’ve just got to emphasize it. We worked on it today. That was one of our focuses today. It’s something that in the month of December you must focus and concentrate on and hopefully we got our message across. I think the players see it."

"We were all embarrassed by our performance," Fewell added later. "We can’t explain why that happened. I know this group is determined. They’ve had a good focus all week. They’ve been very focused in the meetings and on the practice field, so I expect them to do something about it."

• Fewell said that if the Giants do a better job against the run, that'll help out the pass rush "a whole hell of a lot."

He also gave another interesting reason for why the Giants don't have as many sacks this season:

"A lot of times the ball is coming out pretty quick. We keep times on when the ball comes out. People have taken a different approach to us this year. There’s not as much five-step (drops). ... That ball is coming out (fast)."

• Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul only has 6.5 sacks, after having 16.5 sacks last season. But don't be fooled by the numbers, said Fewell:

"When you look at the tape JPP is really playing well. We’re used to him having wild plays and this and that, but he’s still playing very good football. No, he doesn’t have the numbers. Would I love him to have the numbers? No doubt about it. But I think he is playing good football."