Dodge gets his "Jersey Shore" on

Rookie punter Matt Dodge is getting better. Swear.

And to prove it, he actually celebrated a 57-yard punt in the fourth quarter with a couple of fist pumps that would have made Snooki proud.

Dodge pumped his fists the way some of the “Jersey Shore” cast members do when they are at a club.

“I Jersey Shore’d it right up,” Dodge said. “Lawrence (Tynes) said, ‘I saw you getting (your) ‘Jersey Shore’ on there at the 50-yard-line.’ Felt pretty good.”

Nobody would have thought Dodge would be celebrating after the way his game began on Sunday. For the second time this season, Dodge fumbled his first punt attempt in a game. But unlike his first punt against Chicago, Dodge lost this fumble and the Lions recovered at the Giants’ 43. The Lions scored on the ensuing drive.

But as has been the case this season, Dodge calmed down and got better. He did put a glove on his left hand and focused on catching the ball. And it worked.

He boomed six punts for an average of 46.7 yards with a net average of 38.5. He landed three punts inside the 20.

That definitely deserves a “Jersey Shore” fist pump.