Jaws breaks down Eli

One year after posting the best numbers of his career, Eli Manning is falling way short of a repeat. With two games left to play, he's thrown nine less touchdowns and 1,343 less passing yards than he did driving the Giants to the Super Bowl in 2011.

ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworski broke down the tape of all of Manning's 15 interceptions from this season and believes that the constant shuffling on the Giants roster this year has hurt Manning. The Giants have had three different starting running backs and injuries have limited the receivers.

"The cause I keep coming back to is continuity. Earlier this season, I credited Eli for his ability to overcome adversity and continue to thrive even when injuries cause his surrounding personnel to change," Jaworski writes. "We've seen three different starting running backs for the Giants and a receiving corps that hasn't been fully healthy all season ... and it seems to be affecting Manning's comfort level. Particularly his timing."

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