Paysinger bracing for Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly's arrival in Philadelphia means the Giants will have to face a new, speedy offense in the NFC East for a second straight year.

After having difficulties adjusting to Robert Griffin III and the Redskins' option attack this past season, the Giants now have Kelly, the Eagles' new head coach, to deal with.

At least one Giant is familiar with Kelly's offensive mind. Linebacker Spencer Paysinger played for Kelly at Oregon, where Paysinger was a three-year starter. So he has an inkling of what's in store for the Giants.

"Our defense, when I was at Oregon, we were the only team that shut them down," Paysinger said in an interview on Giants.com. "We knew how to shut them down. (But) playing with that offense was amazing. It was tiring because they'd score in one minute and give up the ball, and the defense was still trying to catch their breath.

"He has an exciting game plan," he continued. "It's always fun to watch. If he gets the right players, he'll be dangerous and unfortunately he's in our division, so I have to get ready for him."

Kelly wanted to stay at Oregon, but reportedly had a change of heart and took the Eagles job. Paysinger says Kelly wants to see if his offensive schemes can work in the pros. Kelly already has weapons to work with in DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy.

"This is the next step," Paysinger said. "He's a great competitor, so he wants to know if his schemes can work at the highest level. And I'm just happy he has a chance because he's one of the hottest coaches in the game right now. The fact that he's coming to the NFL, just congratulations to him. He's a really good coach."

Paysinger saw more snaps at linebacker in his second season with the Giants, and that could continue next season. The undrafted linebacker, who excels on special teams, has been spending time at the Giants' facility since the season ended.

"The biggest thing I learned my second year is, truthfully, you cannot rely on past success," Paysinger said. "I felt like we as a team kept trying to recreate the chemistry that we had for the Super Bowl run, and it was kind of like chasing a ghost. And that's something going into this year that we can't do or else we'll have the same ending as we did this year."