Mario: I did something most scared to do

Mario Manningham didn’t envision himself being back at the Super Bowl on crutches.

But the San Francisco receiver and former Giant, who is recovering from a torn ACL suffered in Week 16, is happy to be with a team in the Super Bowl for the second straight year.

"I can’t complain," Manningham said in New Orleans, according to the New York Post. “I’m a little banged up, but I can’t complain at this time of the year to be down here. I’m trying to double up.”

Manningham got his first ring last year by coming up with one of best catches in Super Bowl history with his over-the-shoulder 38-yard catch along the sideline in the fourth quarter.

After helping the Giants win it all, he signed with the team the Giants beat in the NFC Championship Game as a free agent last spring. Manningham had 42 receptions for 449 yards and 1 touchdown in 12 games before suffering the season-ending knee injury.

“I feel like I did something most people are scared to do -– go to the team you beat to go to the Super Bowl," Manningham said according to the Post. “Not too many people do that. I felt I could come in and make an instant impact."

The Giants struggled to find a consistent third receiving threat last season after Manningham's departure.

“For me to leave one system and go to another and produce, I felt like I produced pretty good," Manningham said. "I have no reason to hang my head down. I’m just hurt right now. I feel like I fit in this offense pretty good. They do different things than the Giants do. The quarterbacks are night and day, because we run a different system. The teams are different. We got hot last year. I feel like this year, we played hot from the jump.”

Manningham says he has been asked about his Super Bowl catch “all the time" even before getting to New Orleans. It’s the best highlight of his career and he surely will see and hear about it more as the game approaches.

“I know, but I’m tired of talking about it,’’ Manningham said. “If you see David Tyree, ask him if he’s tired of talking about [his Super Bowl catch].”