Ravens' run reminds Tuck of Giants

Justin Tuck is one of a few Giants who hit radio row and was doing numerous interviews on Thursday in New Orleans.

Obviously, he wanted to be busy in New Orleans preparing for the Super Bowl. But the defensive end will be watching the Ravens and 49ers -- two teams the Giants played against this past season.

The Giants crushed the Niners with Alex Smith at quarterback, 26-3, at San Francisco on Oct. 14. They were waxed in Baltimore by the Ravens, 33-14, on Dec. 23.

Tuck is picking Baltimore because he sees a lot of similarities to the Ravens' run this year compared to the Giants' Super Bowl run a year ago.

"I like the Ravens for one simple fact -- they remind me of us," Tuck said in an interview on SportsCenter. "They seem to be the team of destiny. I truly believe the 49ers are a better team on paper. But this is a game where so many emotions have come into this game."

"I think the Ravens are riding high with the whole playing for Ray (Lewis)," Tuck continued. "All types of stuff that momentum is going to come into effect on Sunday. I think I am going with the Ravens just because of that."

Wide receiver Victor Cruz told reporters in New Orleans that he picking the Niners.

"Forty Niners, 17-10," Cruz said. "I think the defense is gonna be too strong. I think it’s definitely going to be a defensive game but I think their defense is gonna be too strong. Colin Kaepernick is gonna make a big play to change the game."