Giant question: Feel better after BAL win?

So is there anything we learned from the Ravens winning it all on Sunday night and dethroning the Giants as Super Bowl champs?

From the game? No. Baltimore's win only reminded me of how good the Giants can be when Eli Manning has two healthy playmakers at receiver, the Giants have their heads on straight, the chemistry is strong and the defense plays together and makes timely clutch stops -- all things the Giants did at the end of their 2011 season.

But what I want to know is this: Now that the Ravens are Super Bowl champs, does that in any way lessen the pain of the Giants' 33-14 loss at Baltimore in Week 16 and make Giants fans feel a bit better about the way their season ended?

Remember, the Giants pretty much missed the playoffs because they lost 34-0 at Atlanta and then were routed in Baltimore in consecutive weeks. Do I think those two teams were that much better than the Giants, based on those scores? No. The Giants played poorly in both games.

But does it make it any better to know that the final defeat of the season, which cost the Giants the playoffs, came at the hands of the reigning Super Bowl champs?

Tell us your answer below.