Boley feels for Romo

The Giants don't get a complete bye week. After playing in Dallas on Monday night and having Seattle in front of them next week, the team will get more of a bye long weekend. Players and coaches were in East Rutherford today, watching a little film in meetings and digesting the win over the Cowboys.

LB Michael Boley is still getting texts and emails congratulating for the clean hit that fractured Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo’s left clavicle. Looked to me like it wasn’t completely comfortable for Boley, and he said that he understands what it means for Dallas to lose a key player as Romo takes six to eight weeks to heal.

"Anytime we lose a teammate, we hate it."

Boley — who said he has never broken an opponent’s bone like that — was glad the hit wasn’t going to show up in an NFL video on illegal hits.

“Don’t want to get fined first of all, we try to leep it clean,” Boley said. “Anytime we get shots on the quarterback our intention is not to hurt anybody it’s just to make plays.”

Ahmad Bradshaw is the NFL’s leading rusher — at least until the weekend when his yardage will be overtaken by one of the players below him who isn’t on a bye. But it’s a heady place for the running back who needed ankle and foot surgery after playing in tremendous pain last season.

Running backs coach Jerald Ingram talked about his progress.

“The things that he has progressed on is learning how to protect the quarterback, being on the same page as Eli (Manning) and those kinds of situations and areas,” Ingram said. We always knew he had the potential, and the more carries you get as a running back, the better you are.

We have a full story on Bradshaw here.

Punter Matt Dodge, a rookie who has had a rough start to the season, said he took a shot at the overhead jumbotron at Cowboys Stadium — and made it on his first try.

Here’s what Giants special teams coordinator Tom Quinn had to say about the first punt Dodge made that night, a 69-yarder that Dallas RB Dez Bryant ran back 93 yards for a touchdown.

“You don’t get excited when you see the bomb because you know you have to cover it,” Quinn said. “I was happy with his consistency, and he has started to put some practices back-to-back which he didn’t do earlier in the year. That was a good punt, but obviously we have to cover a heck of a lot better. It had hang, it had distance, it had location. It wasn’t kicked down the middle of the field. We have to do a better job of taking advantage of what he can bring to the table. That next punt of his was probably one of the finer ones I’ve seen: 65 yards, out of bounds, knowing that you can’t let that guy touch it again because they were so hot right then. He really did a good job with that.”

And that's it for the Giants media availability this week. The team returns on Monday to prepare to face Seattle and guard the 5-2 record from the erosion that ate away at a 5-0 start last season.